Dear Customer,

We follow the recent developments relating to the precautions to be taken to contain the Coronavirus in Northern Italy.
At the moment, Lisap’s business operations are functional and both production and shipments are 100% operational.
The same applies to our offices and to all our collaborators who work in a very responsible and dedicated way in order to ensure the smooth running of all company activities.
However, we take this opportunity to suggest to everyone, in a purely precautionary way, to share any needs as early as possible to allow us to better plan your every requirements.
We also invite you to consider increasing your warehouses in this period in the face of any delays or problems that may occur in the next period.
Our goal is to work in close synergy to guarantee you an optimal service even in moments of high difficulty like this.
Since we are sure of your kind collaboration, we hope to receive your feedback shortly.
Thank you

Luca Papetti
Lisap SpA – CEO